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Maya Angelou

" Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stand up for all women"

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Who we are?

Behind the Scenes

Africa is a wonderful continent in which we have worked for many years, but simply because this is where we come from. Indeed NWTZ’s board is made of 100% African with the majority originating from The Africa Great lakes region. Hence this shows the attachment that NWTZ has with the population we aim to support. Through partnerships with other NGOs and local businesses, we want to continue to expand our actions, to offer a varied range of services which see to support women and families. In a wider perspective, we aim to uplift and empower women and families by giving them the tools and support to do so. And have a new approach of charity in African, without condescendence and using African values and ethos 
Here at Neema Women Tanzania, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. We’ve been supporting our community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts. 
But to better understand the reasons behind the creation of NWTZ, here are some of our stories. Below are statements from our board members, describing their journey in creating and governing Neema Women Tanzania.

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About Us: About Us

Co-founder of Neema Women, since my 14 years old, I started my fight against sexism and racism. From my psychologist and psychoanalyst background  to my travels, I made research of cultural mind of societies and ethnicities development. Because mind is one of the key of good life, I am ready to bring my expertise in service to my people.
There isn't one type of women there is only women that is my devise. 
I am a Neema Women

Co-founder of Neema Women Tanzania, having opened my own shop by the end of high school in heart of Dar es Salaam, I was always looking to strive to the top and see those around me succeed. I am now owner of a  supermarket. After having started at the lowest stage of the business chain and I  success in business studies, I know how difficult it is to reach the top.

With the firm determination to now give back and show the way for others to succeed, I always work for my community.

I am Neema Women 

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 As a Tanzanian I know the challenge that women and girls facing daily, I profession as a teacher in primary school by day and work as a taxi driver by night. I have a degree in International Relationship and I joined Neema Women Tanzania with the vision and drive to improve upon our Women and girls Empowerment , and focused on developing  education in my country, with experience and integrity.

The opportunities offered by Neema Women Tanzania are endless, and will 100% benefit women in our community.

I am Neema Women

From teaching in Harvard University in USA to teaching and mentoring in Tanganyika International school in Tanzania, over 25 years spent at school, and many years of experience, I know the many struggles young girls and women face in the education. Wanting to give back to the community, I am supporting girls, with the longing ambition to fulfil my desire of helping others achieve their dreams". 

I am Neema Women 

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Co-founder of Neema Women, I have a master in Medical Science from UK, I am a young women with ambitious to break all stereotype of African women.
Our history is an undeniable part of our identity, whether it is our collective or personal history. Throughout our time at school, us black people are blindfolded and made ignorant of our history. We are denied the right to learn who we are and where we come from, this created a necessity for me to have to go back tor my home ground in order to learn who I am.

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