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Education and Upskilling

Helping The Community

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. 

The term ‘Education’ originated from the Latin word ‘Educare’, which means ‘to bring up’ or ‘to nourish’.

Lack of education hampers an individual from reaching their full potential. Out of school children miss out the opportunity to develop their skills and to join the work force later in their adult life. Unemployment further creates more stress among people, especially the youth, leading to social unrest and crimes, adversely impacting the development of a country. Hence, education is the key to an individual’s and a country’s development. For many girls coming of age in poor areas of Africa’s Sahel region, there is little time to indulge in thoughts about who they could become or what they’d like to do. Their aspirations, hopes, and dreams are more often than not swept away as by their living condition and lack of opportunity.

“By helping girls develop income-generating activities or apply for jobs, we enable them to stand on their own feet”

Today more girls than ever go to school. However, despite progress, women and girls continue to face multiple barriers based on gender and its intersections with other factors, such as age, ethnicity, poverty, and disability, in the equal enjoyment of the right to quality education. This includes barriers, at all levels, to access quality education and within education systems, institutions, and classrooms, such as, amongst others.

This is why NWCTZ wants to support women and girls in this sector, by the provision of multiple programs and services which will benefit the development of the African society. This will be implemented through the creation and development of :

  • Learning centres

  • Scholarship and bursary

  • Work experience and Placement scheme

  • Exchange opportunities

  • Tuition and Clubs

  • Campaigns

  • “Parrainage” and sponsorship opportunities

For more information get in touch with one of our coordinators through our contact form.

Education: What We Do
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