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Support and Outreach

Supporting through hardship

Whilst our focus is held on women as they represent the economic and social vitality of Africa, we have tailored specific services to support families in precarious situations and whom experience difficulties.

Family Support

Through the outreach part of this program, we will support women and their families with every aspect of their live. This will cover aspect of their economic and social lives. The program includes:

  • FoodBank – Through our field investigation we have seen that of the basic need that is most often missed is access to adequate nutrition. Hence we are providing food parcels and nutritional dietary support to families in need. This service offers many sponsorship opportunity for those willing to help support families in need. For more information please contact us.

  • Mental and Emotional Well-being – we aim to provide easy access to mental support services to any women or young women. This forms part of our advocacy program into supporting women and girls.

  • Financial support - Women are a source of economic vitality across Africa. We want to provide financial support to families in need to ensure their development. This takes the form of small and medium sized financial grants awarded upon meeting the eligibility criteria. 

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